It is usually in the format: Keep this equipment away from humidity. WLAN Acronym for wireless local-area network. To adjust the options under CPU Speed and Voltage, use the right and left arrow keys to select the desired value and then click Apply to run the setup value. For further instruction, please see the table below: The utility is just like your PC doctor that can detect the following PC hardware status during real time operation: Enabled Shows a still image logo on the full screen at boot.

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A new BIOS is usually released due to the following reasons: S3-related functions described in this section are available only when your BIOS supports S3 sleep mode.

MSI 845GEM-L, Socket 478/N, Intel (MS-6714-020) Motherboard

The setting of the field will automatically return to Enabled later. Video The setting controls the type of video adapter used for the primary monitor of the system.

You need to select the MPS version supported by your operating system. AGP is an interface specification designed for the throughput demands of 3D graphics.

EISA data transfer can reach a peak of 33 megabytes per second. The items under each BIOS category described in this chapter are under continuous update for better system performance.


Each category includes no, one or more than one setup items. It is frequently used by the OS to identify a printer.

Follow the instructions below to clear the data: Monitor function is available only if there is hardware monitoring mechanism onboard. Download it from http: Then return to pin position. In addition, it can support mass storage mzi of up to 8. Select Enabled to reset Extended System Configuration Data ESCD when you exit Setup if you have installed a new add-on and the system reconfiguration has caused such a serious conflict that the operating system can not boot.

Can enter and change the settings of the setup menu. Sector Number of sectors.

Support For GEM (PCB ) | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

In addition to data, up to three voice channels are available. MSI mi several motherboards with the SiS chipset.

It is usually in the format: For the updated supporting memory modules, please visit http: Reserved The IRQ will be reserved for further request. Locate the CPU and its retention mechanism on the motherboard. Turn On the system and press and hold Ctrl-Home to force update.


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If you want to overclock the CPU, it is strongly recommended to use a multi-direction fan for better heatsink. The openings on the enclosure are for air convection hence protects the equipment from overheating. Also, it provides the instructions on connecting the pe- ripheral devices, such as the mouse, keyboard, etc. Position the heatsink onto the retention mechanism. Disable any web based 8845gem Software.

Select this option Click here A – Our products are under continual improvement and we reserve the right to make changes without notice. Computer Links Level 3 Expert Answers. The most common is Mode 4, which supports transfer rates of Once the password is disabled, the system will boot and you can enter Setup without entering any password.

Click Finish to restart the system.