NdisMoveMemory The NdisMoveMemory function copies a specified number of bytes from one caller-supplied location to another. The friendly name is used for debugging and performance counter instance naming. The structure contains the list of secondary device types advertised by a Wi-Fi Direct device. This item doesn’t belong on this page. The NdisCloseFile function releases a handle returned by the NdisOpenFile function and frees the memory allocated to hold the file contents when it was opened. Releases the handle to the registry key that is associated with an adapter configuration object and then deletes the adapter configuration object.

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Implemented by the client driver to handle a specific method OID request.

An offload target calls the NdisMInitiateOffloadComplete function to complete an offload operation that was initiated by a previous call to the MiniportInitiateOffload function. The NdisAllocateSharedMemory function allocates shared memory from a shared memory provider. The NdisOidRequest function forwards a request to the underlying drivers to query the capabilities or status of an adapter or set the state of an adapter.

Specifies a client driver’s support for the IEEE NDIS calls a filter driver’s FilterAttach function to allocate and mx-6877 a filter module’s data structures. Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts.

MSI MS-6877 MN54G Mini PCIexpress WiFi 54Mbps 802.11bg

Choose the type you’d like to provide: NdisWriteConfiguration The NdisWriteConfiguration function writes a caller-supplied value for a specified entry into the registry. Note This function is deprecated. The EvtVmbChannelOpened callback function visra invoked when the client endpoint in the guest virtual machine opens a channel which has been offered to it. The WskGetLocalAddress function retrieves the local transport address of a socket.


An offload target calls the NdisTcpOffloadDisconnectComplete function to ms-6877 a disconnect request that was initiated by a previous call to the MiniportTcpOffloadDisconnect function of the offload target. A client module’s ClientDetachProvider callback function detaches the client module from a provider module.

After a successful initialization, nonpaged fixed-size blocks can be allocated from and freed to the lookaside list. All WDI command messages must start with this header. For more info about scalable networking, see Scalable Networking.

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Calculates the number of elements contained in a range of the specified net ring buffer. The filter engine calls a callout’s flowDeleteFn callout vieta to notify the callout that a data flow that is being processed by the callout is being terminated.

The VmbChannelEnable function enables a channel that is in the disabled state by connecting to VMBus and offering or opening a channel, as appropriate for the endpoint type.

The FilterSetModuleOptions function changes the set of optional services that are associated with a specified filter module. The NdisSystemActiveProcessorCount function returns the number of currently active processors in the local computer. Implemented ms-66877 the client driver as the default handler for object identifier OID requests that are not query, set, or method requests.

The channel will be offered to clients running in the specified VTL and no others. Exact information about products, easy to download drivers… thank. NdisInterlockedAddUlong The NdisInterlockedAddUlong function adds an unsigned long value to a given unsigned integer as an atomic operation, using a caller-supplied spin lock to synchronize access to the integer variable.


Each traffic classification specifies the following: The EvtVmbPacketCompletionRoutine callback function is invoked when the transaction associated with a sent packet is complete.

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NdisCmDispatchIncomingDropParty notifies a client that it should remove vistw particular party on a multipoint VC, usually because the call manager has received a request over the network to close an active multipoint connection.

The WskSendTo function sends datagram data to a remote transport address.

The price may be the seller’s own price elsewhere or another seller’s price. NdisCmDispatchIncomingCloseCall tells a client to tear down an active or offered call, usually because the call manager has received a request from the network to close the connection.

A protocol or intermediate driver calls the NdisUpdateOffload function to update previously offloaded TCP chimney state objects. The filter engine calls a callout’s completionFn callout function whenever packet data, described by the netBufferList parameter in one of the packet injection functions, has been injected into vitsa network stack.

The eDiagnoseLevel enumeration defines the diagnosis levels for adapter hang diagnosis. The EvtVmbChannelSavePacket callback function is invoked when the virtualization service provider VSP endpoint must save the state associated with a packet.