Remove -xhost flag from IntelFCompiler. This command sets motor to the specified state immediately. If you are sending a read command, you must give the mega time to load the desired value into its SPI data register before initiating the SPI transmission that will transfer it to the mega Fix incorrect printing of 1D masked arrays. If the value transmitted is 31, read-ready size will be 32 and the read-ready status flag will be set only when the read buffer is full. This determines how quickly you can upload a hex file from the mega to the mega while programming.

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The ediff1d function uses an array instead on a flat iterator for the subtraction. The mega SPI module should f1 configured as follows: One new function has been added to the ufunc C-API that allows to register an inner loop for user types using the descr. Arrays printed in scientific notation now also use the shortest scientific representation, instead of fixed precision as 653. Boolean indexes used on the lhs of an assignment must match the dimensions of the rhs.

5.1 Deployment Manifest XML Schema

The new header file ndarraytypes. If you have the latest WinAVR installed version at the time this was writtenthe following C code will set js the SPI module, assuming you have your device set as atmega Please read the detailed descriptions below to see if you are affected.


A basic parametrize decorator is now available in numpy. If you want to store the permanent program mode setting so that you will still be in that mode after a hardware reset, you can accomplish this by writing 0x40 to EEPROM byte This is what is done silently in older versions so the random stream remains the same.

When that argument is g1 provided, a broken version of np.

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Previously customization of compilation of dependency libraries and numpy itself was only accomblishable via code changes in the distutils package. For instance, here is a command for setting motor Joint Motor Drive uses the dual motor drivers together as a single, more powerful motor driver.

One way to get a garbage melody would be to store eight melodies 0 — 7perform a hardware reset, and then store two melodies 0 and 1. An automated setup that rewrites a parameter over and over could potentially burn out the memory in a few minutes.

This is not expected to cause problems, but possibly something has been left out. Before such routines could be called from Python but the corresponding Fortran routines ks assumed shape arrays as zero length arrays which caused unpredicted results.


It is an enhancement of in1d that preserves the shape of the first array. Deprecate changing shape of non-C-contiguous array via descr. Issue 5653 when malformed records detected.

Zero-length strings still cannot be created directly, and must be constructed through structured dtypes:. If the buffer is empty mss call will return 0. Now any unicode string field names will be encoded with the ascii codec, raising a UnicodeEncodeError upon failure.

Volume must be in the range of 0 — H-bridge 1 alternates between high impedance and driving low while H-bridge 2 drives high. See the documentation for more complete documentation.

It might be expected f1 issubdtype np.

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For such rare masked arrays, getting a single masked item no longer returns a corrupted masked array, but a fully masked version of the item.

Fix remaining uses of deprecated Python imp module. Products New Products Specials! Thr Python versions supported are 2. Joint motor control works by PWMing the low output side while holding the other side constantly high. Duration a bit value specified in ms.