Please pull out the plug of outdoor antenna to avoid thunder shock in thunder weather. Free Record Limit Note: In Automatic mode, the system automatically selects TOP, Fastext, or Default mode as appropriate, depending on the data being received. After selecting Set Password, press ”OK” key , a dialog box of ”Set password” appears on the screen. Otherwise it will cause fire or electrical shock. Smart image mode selection:

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Sexually explicit or offensive language Spam: Press ”MENU” key to return main menu.

Basic Function When photos are playing, press “INFO” key on the remote control, a toolbar will display under the screen press “Down” key on the remote control to hide toolbar.

Mnitor is exposed to interference, such as car, neon light, electric blower etc.

You cannot change that and get the best graphics images. Increasing analog value increases monnitor Decreasing analog value decreases brightness To confirm current setting. Press ”Menu” key to exit the main menu when the TV displays the Main Menu; Press ”Menu” key to return to previous menu when the TV displays the sub-menu; Press ”Source” key to display the signal source menu. Please observe the related environmental protection stipulation on wasted battery.


Signal cable is loose or fallen off.

QBell QBF-4 DVI Drivers – Download Device Drivers – –

Press to adjust the volume. Display mode is incorrect.

TV image is better, but has noise. Noise Signals at turning off.

monitor resolution

The cable or plug is damaged. Check if the ” ” button is on TV image has stripes. Press these two keys to nonitor or reduce volume, and adjust the analog value under OSD operation. Outdoor antenna can’t be located near the high-voltage wires. For example, if the last channel is 10 and the current channel is 20, you will go to channel 10 when pressing the Return key.

QBell QB17F DVI(RAL) LCD Monitor Drivers

Its design can insure user’s safety. Back to Windows Legacy OS forum 9 total posts. Photoshop elements as most of its functions on qgell right which I cannot see, is there not a way of reducing the working area? Increasing analog value increases bass; Decreasing analog value decreases bass Check signal cable whether or not loose, fall off, reconnect again. Advertisements or commercial links.


Increasing analog value increases green; Decreasing analog value increases purple The adjustment on Red, Green and Blue is only available under User states.

When connecting the power cord, be sure to turn off the machine and other equipment’s power. Press ‘Teletext’ key, It monnitor in 3 modes: The operations in other modes are similar to the one in TV mode. After selecting channel press ”Blue” key, SKIP icon appears behind the channel which you select, press ”Blue” key again to cancel it.

There are some apparent differences between modes, please according to practicality.

Please pull out the plug of outdoor antenna to avoid thunder shock in thunder weather. Display any hidden characters for 6 seconds.

Press this key to set time of sleeping automatically: