All records modified up to that point will remain modified. There are two types of components: Server The Server component is installed on the system where the database resides. Now that the driver is registered with the DriverManager, you can request a connection to a database. If auto-commit is on, then each statement executed with executeUpdate method will be committed immediately.

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Some applications cannot correctly handle very large values as numbers.

The Schema Editor see page 51 provides for control of the data type and name mapping. In the Schema name field, enter the name of the file on the HP e that the schema will be stored in.

Minisoft® Middleware ODBC/32® Driver JDBC Driver OLE DB Data

Click here for more info. This can be a workstation running Access, Excel or Crystal Reports. The bytes reference will guide you in determining the width of each item so that the offset for the nextiem can be found.

Catalog Editor user interface File menu New: JDBC Driver Deployment Different drivers have different methods of deployment, and some drivers allow a number of different deployment options. Listing 3 shows how to get and use the data type of a result set column.


Each JDBC driver must contain classes that implement the interfaces in java. The configuration of the datasource will vary depending on the ODBC driver used. These tools consist of the Schema Editor and the Catalog Editor. Check that ALL the tables in your schema exist and are accessible.

A Page 15 Windows service has been created to control the server as a set of background processes on Windows Servers. The parameters are numbered, starting at 1, in the order they appear in the statement. The rightmost window contains the security list. Figure Definition tab: Minispft third and subsequent parts identify how to connect to the database. If you receive a warning about the temp file size, please use a query to select a subset of your data.

Stop the job or listener regardless of the users.

JDBC Update | Minisoft, Inc.

Returns a number that consists of the Day portion of a given date. Why is the list of available tables empty or incomplete? Other classes in java. The top window will show the waiting servers. A typical JDBC driver is a set of these classes, plus some support classes, contained in an archive.


Follow the on screen instructions. The Open Schema dialog box appears as shown in Figure It is possible for an item to have more than one TPI key associated with it. Connection Methods createStatement This method creates a Statement object.

Page 98 Figure 25 4. All property names are case sensitive. Adds group s to the Groups window. There is a lot to Web Dimension with the various wizards and servers and ways to develop or re-engineer legacy code. Start the Schema Editor and create a ninisoft blank schema.

To return the city: Many of these advances have been made in a rather short time, and the expectation is that this will continue.

The default enables item level locking when possible.