Here’s some ideas for you. I use the on-board Realtek audio with cheap desktop computer speakers for everyday systems sounds and web browsing. I’ve currently set things up for 24 bit Im still getting noise Windows 7, i7 laptop. Does it work with other hosts? Send a private message to TimOBrien.

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For the moment I’m happy that I can switch outputs. Onyx Driver Matrix For complete compatibility details and download links, click here. Find More Posts by mercyj. Now that I have X2 I needed an interface between my mobile rig and my computer, which is why I got the Mackie.

Onyx Driver Compatibility | Mackie

My curiosity was piqued by this thread: Fog Max Output Level: But when it had re-booted, I tried recording again and this time it recorded OK, even when I reduced the buffer size back to what it was. Originally Posted by TimOBrien. Find More Posts by jfiz.

Here’s some info for you. I installed the Mackie driver, plugged the BlackJack in and recorded some guitar into Reaper – the result was crap audio with lots of clicks through it. All I want to do is use the Blackjack as an analog to digital converter on input only, blackjak the Creative soundcard for output to my sound system.


So, not ideal, but better than nothing – and blackkjack does sound good. Both channels double as built-in Dis which is perfect for direct connection of guitars, basses, keyboards, drum machines, etc. Unfortunately, with or without it I don’t think I’ll be able to use one ASIO device for input and another for output which is what I’d really like to do.

Find More Posts by Vincent of Nizzzle. MRmk3 Series Studio Monitoring.

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Featuring a true analog monitoring path directly from the preamps to your studio monitors and headphones means you can track while listening in either mono or stereo to the direct analog source with zero routing. Video editing, 3D work and audio with zero problems. However, there is an ASIO aggregator called asio4all which may be a solution if I can learn about and figure out how to get the timing right. Im still getting noise Windows 7, i7 laptop.


Send a private message to tunerustler.

The time now is I oyx increased the buffer size which reduced, but didn’t eliminate, the clicks. Send a private message to TimOBrien.

And now I can listen on headphones through the Mackie which sounds decent instead of running an extension to my sound system.

I have only done limited testing so far. In the X2a AUD. Find More Posts by tunerustler.

Send a private message to JasonSpatola. What is your firewire chipset? Features Raising the standard for compact recording interfaces.

Onyx Blackjack

I was just bathroom-reading the Sound-on-Sound review and they had horrible problems only to discover that the Ricoh chipset they tried it out on in a Dell laptop is oynx incompatible and that Mackie is “compiling a list of compatible units”. User Control Panel Log out.

This makes sense as you can only operate one ASIO device at a time.