Loosening the keyboard Place the detached panel vertically towards the display not the way I have placed it on the photo: Typical Dell, the Precision M can also be ordered with a number of other hard drive models ranging from cheaper, but, also slightly slower rpm models up to SSDs, which are insusceptible to shocks. Nevertheless, the noise level of this notebook is very decent. Thereby the silver lid with wave structure is the most striking detail of these new Dell Precision notebooks. It convinces not only by its ergonomical shape, but, also by its good responsiveness. I used a sort of miniature post-it note pad to support the board.

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Also here the noise of the M is still rather acceptable. Your new card should show up asuw the list. Dell Precision M, provided by: The socket is below the keyboard, more or less in the middle. Temperature Despite the compact design, the fan can apparently ensure a sufficient air flow inside the case.


At the time of writing Dell offers three mobile workstations of different size. Despite the compact design, the fan can apparently ensure a sufficient air flow inside the case. Passable temperature and noise emissions in idle mode and under office load.

The Asu Precission M is a powerful mobile computer with Also the recorded runtime m2040 tests in step with actual practice is note-worthy. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.


Weighing only about 2. Regarding case one can refer to the review of the Dell Latitude E or the Precision M in nearly all aspects. Already its battery runtime was throughout passable in the performed runtime tests.

Review Dell Precision M Notebook – Reviews

Make sure the taps slide correctly into the holes to the front. I just bought a laptop for my parents with no integrated wireless.

This 14 inch notebook looks nearly completely adus its bigger colleagues. Removing the old mini-pci card The mini-pci slot is the opening in the middle.

The trackpoint is by far more user-friendly if you want to navigate by using only one hand. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

The construction principles and the used materials are the same. The hard drive of the test sample was a fast rpm hard drive by Seagate STASG with a gross capacity of gigabyte, which achieved good results in the HDTune benchmark test.

Whether you need to configure or maintain connections, backup your data or adjust the energy settings, this software sure is helpful. Ex factory Dell offers a 3 years warranty with service on the next working day for the Precision M A asud weakness can be found at the perforated covers aus the speakers left and right of the keyboard.


Once the keyboard is placed correctly, it can be slid back into place. The touchpad had a surface with good gliding properties and a throughout good responsiveness. The result of the Cinebench R10 benchmark testwhich especially examines the OpenGL shadingis clearly better.

So, it is in m200 possible to play this shooter, but, as there are sometimes short jerks, you won’t be really competitive.

Now we also got hold of the smallest representative of the powerful workstation series from Dell for a review, the Dell Precision M Characteristics of this keyboard are a clear axus, a comfortable key travel and a decent noise. The Precision M m240 playing with a good hand for outdoor operation.

At the time of writing Dell offers two different panels for the Precision M I did not have a card in it previously so logicaly it should be easy to open the 2 arms to the side.

The Dell Precision M is with its 14 inch screen the smallest notebook of the powerful workstation series from Dell.