I haven’t yet taken the machine on the road, but 24 hours’ worth of battery means that I’ll be able to leave my mains adapter at home for the next all-day conference or travel day, which saves weight overall. Message 8 of Using Fedora, the fan spins up instantly to rpm and after about 10 minutes of office use www, thunderbird it spins up to rpm louder than the rpm hdd. I have some minor issue. One thing really disturbs me: T his week, I finally got my new Lenovo ThinkPad X , the latest and skinniest in the Lenovo X-series of fast, skinny, rugged, all-black, no-nonsense machines.

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I could be wrong. Nine years ago, I quit smoking. Basically any Fn key that had a Windows service or app doesn’t really work, like the magnification on the spacebar. Show 25 25 50 All.

Lenovo X Owner’s Thread Hi. But you also get to disagree with them as much or as little as you want.

And from then on, whenever I got a cig craving I just thought about all the lovely laptops I’d be able to buy in the years to come by not giving my money to the death merchants whose products were killing me. Ubuntu is free — free as in beer, costing nothing; free as in speech, in that anyone can modify or improve it.


The intel driver for xorg is not exactly perfect. This is nothing short of miraculous when compared with the clumsy, desperate fumbling with original disks and serial numbers from the commercial software world. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

I folks have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Ubbuntu this regard, it’s not so different from any other OS. The major health benefit you’re going to get from quitting smoking is that you’re not going to get cancer in 20 or 30 years. Thanks a lot in advance.

Im using wpa2 in ubuntu 9. Every time I get a new lappie now, I get a real thrill, a funny phantom association with good health. D200 two things need to be done to get it fully functioning: This graceful failure is wonderful stuff, and after a lifetime of using computers I’ve decided that it’s the thing I value most in my technology.

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[ubuntu] Lenovo X Owner’s Thread

But this free business has serious knock-on effects in the graceful failure department. If I don’t get a response, I’ll open a thread in the Intrepid Ibex forum s. The fan runs all the time on both AC and battery, just slower on battery. I used to run Ubuntu on an XT till last month,the hardware is not supported by Lenovo officially, but i was satisfied with it over all.


My new Ubuntu-flavoured ThinkPad is computing heaven

Lenovo X Owner’s Thread Looks like the bug with the blackscreening has been resolved now. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. This is a continuous laptop issue with Ubuntu Post as a guest Name. September 9th, 5.

I have a question for you all. This website uses cookies. I must disclose that Ubuntu’s founder, Mark Shuttleworthonce made x020 donation to my former employer, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which helped fund my position at the time — there were no conditions attached to this funding — and that he subsequently personally commissioned a short story from me.

It took very little tweaking when I first set it up, and I’ve had no trouble during release upgrades. For example, I subscribe directly to the updates to Banshee, an excellent, powerful, free, open replacement for iTunes.

I’m planning to revist Fedora 11 and Linux Mint 7. I might be asking the wrong people.