I am scared that the fault is maybe due to the processor which is an Athlon K7. Also thanks to shamino for the capacitor information. The NB32K that you’re using is probably a better choice, but I could never find those for sale. Google [Bot] , krcroft , Mr. Did you just update the bios from abit-usa. I have a pair of Antec’s version of the orb called “Antec Twister”. Realistically, manufacturers will also have to make sure that their board design can work at the increased FSB.

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I had a good search trying to find what version I have but gave up. They look auxio, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t the best coolers. It’s now ended with a PCI based sound card instead which is fine.

I used the Zalman NB47J coolers: That’s why the last two row of fins are shorter to make way for the flower shaped CPU cooler. Oh and yes, my first cooler was one of those Dual Orb audko I will leave it there for a while, so you and maybe others will benefit from it read my spec.

That kta7 you only have 4 drive spots, but it most definitely will work. After dropping to mb RAM, it worked fine. I know it’s far too late for troubleshooting this now, but I have a couple of theories about the problems you experienced.


There were a couple of bulging capacitors on the motherboard but I’ve already replaced them. Cheers for the auxio to the patch! Should they all be replaced then? The third time the shop offered me the choice to swap it with an MSI K7T Turbo board, which had pretty much the same specs.

Provided that they already have a solid KT motherboard design, producing a KTA solution often requires little more than a few design tweaks and a drop in of the pin-compatible A North Bridge.

I audii Chris at BadCaps. I run one on a P Coppermine and the other on a Celeron Also also, if you’re running Win9x, use VIA 4in1 v4. The KT7A is a really great board.

I don’t have to worry about them now or ever again. Of course, Radeon cards also have their own unique quirks Now look at the list of cards. What amazed me most was that the tech actually booted up the machine, noticed the problems of the thing not being able to just boot the OS in one go They are pretty good with helping, provided you meet the compatibility requirements. I do have most values already to hand so will get to work on it soon and order the ones I don’t have. You can remove the hard drive trays for extra cooling.



Frequent lockups abit kt7a-raid, 1. That raised an interesting question: It took a lot of trouble to convince these people that there is something wrong.

Personally, I can barely tell the difference between the Gold and Value versions. Send a private message to drunton. I imagine it must be terribly noisy with the two blowers. I also hated the goofy mounting mechanism for these Zalman northbridge coolers, so I used thermal epoxy instead. Sometimes the sticker is stuck on the side of the ISA slot.

As we have mentioned several times, the migration from the KT to the KTA chipset is a relatively easy job for motherboard manufacturers. Make sure kg7a get all the VIA drivers installed. I replaced it with a Silverado.