For details on registering the body, refer to [ Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Information. If this message is displayed, be sure to switch the main powerfor the copier OFF and wait at least 10 seconds, then turn it back ON. Page 18 I OutlineChapter 2 Before UseThis chapter explains the names of the buttons on the copier’s control panel and their functions, the contents of the LCD screen display, and the operations. Use [] and [] to switch screens.

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For details on the procedure for displaying the [Network setting] screen, refer to [ Windows 10 April Update Information. The body is selected with [Switch the page with [][][].

Xo details on the E-Mail notice function, refer to the copier User’s Guide. Go to main contents. The default setting is To access the Reset page, follow these steps: Windows 10 Support Information. Selecting the Destination8Touch the [From] key. When you touch the [DEL.


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Detail] Screen will be displayed. Setting Scanner Functions] Page Registering Destinations] 7Touch the [OK] key. Scanner Initial SettingsFile Form defaultThis sets the default for the data storage format of scanning mode. Koncia page displays the Protocol Information and the Network Information. Tell us about it. Up to 31 alphanumerics and symbols can be input as the [Password].

For details on the procedure for displaying the [Network Setting] screen, refer to [ To enable them touch the [ON] key. Input the FTP server address, login password,etc. The factory default is [ dpi]. When you touch []or [], the screen display is switched. To access the E-Mail Notification Configuration page, follow these steps: Displays restrictions of combinedfunctions.

To ensure optimum printing performance, please store this manual in the space provided at the rear section of themachine for easy reference.

Access [Scanner setting menu] screen from this screen.


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You can select the most appropriate printer based on printing speed and functionality. V AppendixChapter 9 AppendixThis appendix contains product specifications for the network scanner. Selecting the DestinationThis is the item title. There are two methods of selecting kohica destinations: The displayed time is an approximation. Manual CompositionThis manual is composed of the following five 5 volumes.

Operation Support InformationThis sets operation support information. Use a cable of at least Category 5. Don’t see a manual you are looking for?

The kpnica extension [.