Using an incorrect heatsink may damage the processor, either physically or by allowing it to overheat. A later BIOS may add support for faster versions of a given processor, and may also add support for an entirely new processor. Otherwise, your new processor may literally go up in smoke the first time you apply power. If you purchase a cooling device that does not fit the standard retention mechanism, it should be supplied with a mechanism that fits it. The new processor may require a BIOS update to function at full capacity, or indeed to function at all.

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All modern mainstream processors are socketed rather than slotted. If it is not already installed, install the retention d85eea2 by following the instructions supplied with it or the motherboard. If your motherboard is like this, lift the vertical supports until they snap into place. If you’re not already familiar with forums, watch our Welcome Guide to get started.

Downloads for Intel® Desktop Board D815EEA

AMD Slot A processors are a much simpler matter. Not all Socket processors can be used in all Socket motherboards, even if processor and motherboard were both made by Intel. Even two motherboards with identical model d815ees2 may be significantly different.

The system should begin a normal boot sequence. If your cooling unit includes a fan, attach the fan power cable to a motherboard fan power header or to an available power supply connector, as appropriate.


These motherboards may also include various overclocking settings, including, and D8115eea2. The following sections describe the steps required to install and configure standard slotted and socketed processors. One day, after three lockups in as many hours, Robert who is a procrastinator finally decided to do something about it.

Installing a Processor – PC Hardware in a Nutshell, Second Edition [Book]

So, the first rule is to make sure that the retention mechanism accepts the processor. Many systems, particularly mass-market systems and consumer-grade systems from major OEMs like Gateway and Dell, have power supplies that are marginal at best, both in terms of quality and output rating. Jan 29, Messages: Installing Modern Socketed Processors. AD codecs use SoundMax drivers, they are OEM specific and not available from Analog Devices, just from the motherboard manufacturers — and you have not mentioned it yet.

For example, until late our Internet gateway system was eqston older Celeron. She specified it happened when she was intwl to upload digital photos from her camera, or writing long bits in either a word processor or the internet.

Tip For example, until late our Internet gateway system was an older Celeron. A faster slotted processor may be a worthwhile upgrade for an older system.

Old faston may support only one fixed voltage, and so may not be usable with recent low-voltage or dual-voltage CPUs.

Intel Easton 2 DEea2 De Som

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Posted November 19, Also how big eatson the drive you have in it now? Using these fixed divisors is called using synchronous PCI.


To install a processor in a new motherboard, ground yourself, remove the motherboard from its packaging, and place it flat on the anti-static bag. If the processor does not seat easily, remove it, verify that the pins align correctly, and try to seat it again.

Slot 1 and later motherboards and processors automatically negotiate the proper voltage. I’ve seen some memory for sale: MSFN is made available via donations, subscriptions and advertising revenue. If you buy an OEM processor or are reinstalling a processor pulled from another system, make sure the heatsink you use is rated for that particular processor.

In that case, the best alternative is to temporarily install a processor that the earlier BIOS supports. The exact sequence of steps required to install a processor depends on its packaging slotted versus socketed and on whether or not it comes with a heatsink and fan installed. There are four settings you may have to make, all of which may not be present on a given motherboard: Yeah — I never thought about her HDD cache.