Find the section that begins: Two manual settings are crucially important. Apparently the radeontool tarball I had was messed up and didn’t have the right version of radeontool so re-download radeontool and try the original instructions as follows it should work: I don’t pretend to understand these options fully, so please post corrections if I’m wrong. Client Security Solution 7. The key parts are in the first post in the thread, but you may get tripped up by a typo. Running an Intel X in T frankenpad without hardware mod?

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This will take care tbinkpad the problem, but needs integration work so that it is only used when the problem exists. You can try Windows update and see if it finds one.

Load the different kernel modules, and their configuration. You risk doing serious damage to your system if you try this, so beware. The kernel should be at the top of the list of boot options.

Ubuntu Linux on an IBM ThinkPad T42

Duplicates of this bug Bug What you need to do is this: Does it make your batteries last any longer? Matthew, would it be possible to work around this in acpi-support, or elsewhere? Ubuntu pauses during boot-up while attempting to synchronize the system clock with tyinkpad remote time server, but you probably aren’t connected to the internet when you boot with a ThinkPad, so this attempt accomplishes nothing.


Start with startx — -layout xineramaLayout. The default script in Breezy does not turn on the software part.

Is there actually a way to put this device to sleep without loading radeonfb module? I recommend against using the sudo grub-update command that most guidelines recommend at this point, but if you have edited the file correctly, it should do no harm to use that command. Like you though, I would be interested to hear if the Lenovo ‘Power Manager’ is more effective than the r42 Vista power management.

You have to stop it manually before suspending with ACPI: I have been experimenting with adding lines like these at the end of the file, but you should almost certainly use different settings for your system. Start by exploring this hint posted on UbuntuForums.

Next, remove the character from the front of each line except the top line described in the previous paragraph that begins deb http: Does this indicate some TP25 problem?

This is useful on laptops with onboard network adapters, since it will only configure the interface when a cable is really tyinkpad. Here comes installation instructions for Ubuntu 5. Release 11 Disk 1 of 18 2. This string is perfect for a x screen, but you might want something different.

T42 driver for ACPI\ATM\4&61F3B4B&0 – Lenovo Community

The posted hint includes links to two thunkpad. This patch will be included anyway in kernel 2. My goal was this: If you intend to keep the second hard disk drive adapter permanently in your system, it may make sense to install Grub on the MBR of your first hard disk, but it’s safer not to.


Edit the file to make sure these lines are present add them if necessary, perhaps to the top of the second set of lines under the heading character devices:. I’d aacpi surprised if it makes much difference, although there are some things like changing the screen brightness that Vista doesn’t change automatically – although that’s easy to change from the keyboard manually.

Two manual settings are crucially important. The program tpb ThinkPad Buttons makes all the ThinkPad-specific buttons and Fn-key combinations work as expected some buttons, such as the ones that control screen brightness, are hardware-controlled and work under any operating system. When installing Ubuntu Hoary from the CD, you may accept most of the default settings.

Ubuntu Linux 5.04 on an IBM ThinkPad T42

Next, enter these commands in the adpi. Patch is probably a suboptimal solution, but it’s atleast something that can be used. Linux compatibility is so-so.