The other issue is that the minimum credit value required for a refund check really only changes at the end of my fiscal year and even then, only for one month. In Control Panel, click Administrative Tools. Watson Product Search Search. If you hover your mouse over the spreadsheet icon just to the left of the query name it was given a default name of Query1 , you will get a pop-up window as show in Fig. Add the criteria for your query. The value for that criteria can be specified dynamically to provide a user with the flexibility to define the limiting values at runtime.

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Cause While the data transfer tools provided by IBM can certainly retrieve data for use in Excel, they shhowcase not the easiest nor the most functional way to do that. Excel also has some default format colors showwcase can apply to the cells to alert the user that a cell is an input value.

In the resulting ‘Connection Properties’ window, check the option on the ‘Usage’ tab that says ‘Refresh data when opening the file’ Fig 3f so that the user is prompted for a new value every time the spreadsheet is opened. That way you can select the Schema library that the table is in, select the table and click ‘Add’ then ‘Close’ in the dialog shown in Fig.

To start, open a new spreadsheet and create an input cell and a description of what is expected in that cell. Check showcwse to start a new keyword search.

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That will open the dialog shown in Fig. In the following examples Excel was used but the features exist in older versions of Excel as well. Press the ‘Load’ button and it will load the data into the spreadsheet and save the query in it as well as shown in Fig.


Click the arrow button below that text right side of the input field then click on your input field in the spreadsheet and Excel will automatically add the proper syntax to refer to the cell. While the data transfer tools provided by IBM can certainly retrieve data for use in Excel, they are not the easiest nor the most functional way to do that.

Here is where they are located. Click ‘OK’ on this and the preceding two windows to finally embed your query into Excel.

I don’t want to have to edit the query every time it changes, I’d rather that the query prompted me for a value when it is refreshed and I can provide the value. To do this we will have to sjowcase the query a bit differently, using Microsoft Query.

United States English English. In this case it helps to have the library with the table you will query in the library list of the DSN.

DLL listed and select one. Select the option to load the data in the spreadsheet Parameterized Query Let’s move on to something a little more dynamic. Excel features a Data ribbon in which you can select different ways to import data into Excel. For further discussion on this topic, visit this developerWorks forum thread: Then ib the ‘Definition’ tab and press the ‘Parameters’ button to open the ‘Parameters’ window shown below in Fig.


Double-click the asterisk to populate the query with all of the columns, or select the columns you want in the order you want them.

Note that by default, it selected the value you entered when Microsoft Query prompted you for a value to initially run the query. Watson Product Search Search. On the Start menu, click Control Panel.

This maintains its own copy of the registry that is only for bit applications. If you have bit applications running on a bit Windows server, shoecase will need to use the bit ODBC driver. If multiple DB2 copies are installed, drivers from all of those copies will be listed.

Showcase iSeries ODBC Driver Not Loaded Due to System Error ยท Customer Portal

Watson Product Search Search. To complete the process, select a showcasd and then follow the prompts to create the DSN. This next example shows how to create a parameterized query.

Ultimately, the application could override most any of the values you specify in a DSN so they aren’t strict controls on the settings. In Control Panel, click Administrative Tools. United States English English. Fortunately, we can define the connection without a data source and be able to share the spreadsheet with anyone who has the ODBC driver we use installed on their system and they will have shiwcase ability to refresh that data as needed.