Driver included in distro. Rescan all the disk path on all of the Windows cluster nodes Step4: Please see the following flash. Yes No San Boot with 00Y Dell PowerEdge 2 x Xeon 2. Hi, I own Supermicro with X which is unsupported by 6. Goldy April 25, at 8:

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Yes Minimum Firmware Level Sun-Badged QLogic qlc driver Qlogic qlc driver. FC FC Notify me of follow-up comments by email. While these levels are not mandatory levels for a customer to be supported by IBM, they are lbm recommended levels. John September 22, at 8: If you want a server to get certified, ask your vendor.

VMware Compatibility Guide – System Search

SAN Volume Controller 7. The ISO comes with newer driver.

Boot for Guest Operating Systems and Servers. Dell support only lists up to ESXi 5.

GAiA and Secure Platform Hardware Compatibility List

Minimum SVC Version 7. Easy Tier is not supported in any configuration where flash storage is not exclusively being used as the Tier 0 storage. Do you know about ML G6? Please see flash below before upgrading your HBA drivers Linux 2. Hi Noble, Thanks for your reply: Red Hat EL 5 through update Not sure what happend Please contact your EMC sh21 for details.


Carlos D August 2, at 4: Windows Server Windows Server R2. Veritas Storage Foundation HA 5. Please refer to the following documentation regarding requirements when upgrading to 6. Anddy April 6, at 9: Where interoperability items have gone end of life out of support and are no longer supported by the vendor either generally or by extended service contact Gs21 will continue to support the environment on a best can do basis.

It seems that IBM was doin’ something. I’ll let you know how I get on. Please follow the driver link for BIOS levels.

Sergey June hccl, at Where issues occur which are deemed by IBM support to be directly related to items which are no longer generally supported by the vendor IBM may direct customers to upgrade a component to a recommended level.

Internal or externally virtualized nearline HDDs.

Perhaps just do a strikethrough on that line with a note on the end of the date you noticed support was added obviously not the exact date it was added, but whenever you noticed should be close enough. Qlogic, Emulex In Distro Driver.


VMware ESXi – Unsupported Hardware |

Supplied with SAN package. Mark this reply as best answer, if it answered your question.

Your server is listed and you want to upgrade?