There are many pieces to this satellite phone and data network. A static global IP address can also be used with the terminal for applications where a constant Internet address is needed for something like a web server or video streaming box. Also, take an inventory of what upgrades you will have to make to your existing computer equipment and decide what equipment you will need to purchase. Multiple user support allows your entire team to share a single simultaneously, providing the site with a broadband local area network. Check the network connections settings for your operating system. Establishing a connection with the BGAN network requires the careful orientation of the BGAN terminal towards the satellite, a process called pointing. The required USB drivers are provided on the installation CD supplied with the terminal, or can be downloaded from http:

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Fault code Fault code Symptoms You were detached by the network. You will be asked to select a PIN number 4 characters or morethen you will be asked to leave your name.

Hughes 9201

Remember that when you are bughes, your connection is shared with all active users. When successful, the inter-satellite handoff may be noticeable by a quarter-second interruption.


Reacquiring connection… Causes Network connection failure. Please enter your new PIN followed by the pound key.

Hughes BGAN Terminal | Network Innovations

Check barring code needed to clear. What is the minimum signal strength I require for registration?

Expand all Close all. Remove and refit the battery and SIM card. You will then be required to follow the recorded message. Much quicker than we write these words, technicians are gleaning new ideas that will revolutionize the way we communicate.

Hughes Inmarsat BGAN Terminal

Delete an old message to make room. From Marconi the inventor of wireless communication back in the late 19th Century to Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Carry out visual check.

If the problem continues, contact your Service Provider. Iridium is a Low Earth Orbit constellation and has a polar orbit. The first time you set up call barring, you will need to reset the barring password. If you receive a reply, the terminal is connected. Following are brief summaries of these solutions: The ThurayaDSL will reacquire the connection.

Establish a protocol for managing your wireless LAN. And the productivity gains you will reap dwarf the relatively inexpensive cost of setting up a wireless local area network LAN. Service not authorized message — Call your service provider. D5 Creation Powered by: Contact service provider New SIM card fitted. Fault code Fault code Symptoms Network service is not available — No network.


The next wireless incarnation was Troubleshooting and Resolution Contact your Service Provider to regain authorised service. Why would you want this? This is supplied by your internet service provider. Mobile phone shuts down even with good network connection and sufficiently charged battery.

Check for new restrictions. The higher the number of bars displayed on your mobile phone, the better the signal. Fault code 23 Symptoms Network connection failure — Protocol error received from network. Fault code 14 Fault code 14 Symptoms Network connection failure — User authorisation failed.