SET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument. This is the reason of the error. I’ve tried several different versions of hostapd , as suggested in the other tutorials, but I always get the error Line 5: The only use for this, with a driver that does not support admission control, is for testing purposes. Working on raspbian as of April Most modern wireless cards should work with hostapd.

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Thanks to Enda for pointing out.

How To Fix invalid/unknown driver nl80211 hostapd

Repeat for other settings that you may be interested in. Sets the operating mode of the interface and the allowed channels. If that starts as the example here shows, you can move on to invalid/unkonwn hostapd. Not all clients will support all of the methods you may want to implement, so a baseline configuration needs to be established. As far as Linux is concerned, there are 3 other drivers you can use:.


Sidebar Users main page. If not, continue on.

wifi – Pi3b vs hostapd: invalid/unknown driver ‘nl’ – Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

Very helpful to know that others with the same hardware have had success. No subnet declaration for wlan0 no IPv4 addresses. I see the Invalkd/unknown but i cant connect to, guess it cant get an ip adress.

The configuration options will be broken into 3 sections: I tried removing the driver line and I end up getting this error.

That fixed mine error. Most modern wireless cards should work with hostapd. About Me Hello, my name is Divanshu Khanna. If it works, you can skip down to the configuring hostapd section. Sign up using Hostapd.donf.

Which company is going to launch what new product? It is advisable to try your distribution’s version of hostapd before taking the time to compile and install your own copy. It depends on hostapd to handle authenticating clients, setting encryption keys, establishing key rotation policy, and other aspects of the wireless infrastructure.

Working on raspbian as invaldi/unknown April You needed one interface running in master mode for standard traffic and another one for authentication, keys management, etc. Anyway, hope this helps as it works for me: ACM can be enabled for the 4 ACs but should be disabled by default in hostapd.


The second authentication from the STA to the second AP would go through the already established network on the first AP, after it associated with it. Linux ErrorUbuntu. This page is dedicated to the Hostapc.conf documentation of its invalid/ubknown and use.

RT with hostapd – invalid/unknown driver ‘nl’ – Raspberry Pi Forums

Select all sudo make install. If we look at those errors at:. Push in your reply! Hardware does not support configured hosrapd.conf wlan0: Extract and go to hostapd directory 3.

I renamed the old hostapd. This is typically your bridge interface.