Moreover, I can not push my memory pass 12x multiplier or my system does not boot. If you can see the file or browse your USB stick then it is compatible to boot with. However, if load is applied and then reduced, shader and memory will return to level 0. This is a graphics error. Yes, I sure can help with settings! This would allow the use of dual video cards, both SLI and Crossfire need this.

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With my CPU at stock speed with stock cooling I managed Dverbs After an upgrade to my cooling solution and ga-9755p-s3 overclock: With gjgabyte Kingston memory load optimized defaults, save reboot, set System Memory multiplier manually to 2. Back to Newegg she goes. I’m gonna build this next week so fingers crossed it will all work fine. I have been wondering if the the rails PSU have started to show Cap aging and is no longer putting out the required power.

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The HD does spin. I’m a novice looking to upgrade my system and wondering if over clocking is practical for running PT. Hi Guys, Here’s a couple things: Hope I’m okay with that.

That chipset could offer some band with advantages IF the processer can use it. The 05e3 part is for a GTXsee nvclock0. When shut down, if I unplug or plug in any USB device, the system boots up. Please let us know how you are all doing, and if time allows run the davec tests. I just ignore it.


I should bring it to the store I bought it in, but I took it once already with an Asrock board and they said that it turns out that the board and the ram are not compatible which I found out later shouldn’t be the case, as G. I am satisfied it is the BIOS hanging on the contents of the hard disk I believe the only mobos they support have Intel X and Intel P chipset.

Let’s see what this i mobo can do Gigxbyte the temperatures now work okay, including the main HDD.

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Do you have any suggestions to look into. I was looking to use. I think this is typical of most new things and I really do not know anymore then a lot of you about how this will work, I think if you build an AMD you will be very happy, most everyone seems to be.

Moreover, I can not push my memory pass 12x multiplier or my system does not boot. Some P5Bs do not have heat pipe, so they are out of game. E F B Contents of my smbios. Change it back to AHCI, and the problem is back!!


But this looks good to me! If anyone has something else I can try within the next day I will. I have 4 velocirators in raid, but every time my disk 3 is giving an error, I have replaced the drive with a new one, and still the same error, is there some know problem and solution with the raid firmware? I built this rig back in Feb and has been running stable at the above specs since then. But using soft instruments and heavy plugins is another story! One of my current projects has the following: I chose Waves Trueverb as an alternate plug, since it’s been around a while and hopefully enough quad’ers have access to it for comparison, and it’s only marginally more CPU-intensive than D-Verb so we can still get big enough counts to be precise.

Im about to bite the bullet and of course will post the results so everyone can see what this machine performs like.