LightScribe is a surprisingly common technology for burning disc labels. Proffitt Forum moderator September 19, I’ve seen some old 2 year? Here is what you get when you order this great LightScribe Software package…. No one here has mentioned how Labelflash only works on DVDs.

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Both technologies offer the world something that is both innovative and fascinating and has helped to solve some of the problems that computer users face every time they burn music discs, backup archives, and more.

But choosing the right direct disc labeling technology is an important question that requires taking a look at the value of time and money, the differences between the resulting disc labels, as well as the availability and flexibility of the hardware and software.

Can you use Lightscribe discs with Labelflash burner and vice versa. Still have a question? What are the uses of a control relay panel? There are now llghtscribe few choices here. If you’re doing a full label in high resolution, then yes – it will take minutes to do the label.

Thanks in advance, Tom. Can more than one LabelFlash drive be used at the same time? Ask New Question Sign In.


What Is the LightScribe Control Panel? – Quora

I was afraid this wouldn’t work, as the burning process might start at a different position during each burn. LightScribe compatible optical disc drives internal and external are widely available in the United States and Europe, for both Windows and Mac.

If all you need is the title of the disc, then it’ll take much less time. That would be great to cut the production time gatewaj.

Still pricier than other media but it does look nice. This was helpful 0.

LightScribe vs. Labelflash: A Disc Labeling Cold War

If you are using Windows 8. The LightScribe Simple Labeler allows you to write ligthscribe text entries and select a border to separate them. The paper labeling was my first thought, easy and fast I agree.

I don’t use LightScribe often as it costs more and takes more time. Have not found any information on that one.

The labeling I want will be one image of the show and some text like the name of the show and something like “disc one shows ” or something similar. Media Icons — How to use these and Image Transparency.

The inkjet option does at least have the potential of being used for more than just labeling gatewy, the epson and canon all lightscribw one printers mentioned here also do not say that the specs for printing things on paper are different than when printing discs, such as the dpi limitation mentioned.


Once the label burning process is started, you are shown a progress window. I wonder if yours is over a year old. All versions from Windows XP to Windows To Sum It Up Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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How to Burn Labels on the Back of Your Discs (CDs & DVDs) | Digital Citizen

A beautiful whole-home WiFi system! Certainly not for incremental backups The label has a glossy look, as the dye is located under a 0.

Gatewqy is very similar technology, invented by NEC in If you want more creative labels, there is another free application available. Jeff put it this way….