This option is not available when transferring with a Nikon total station. Click on the P Color button to change the color of the points on the active layer or press the L Color button to change the color of the lines. Select the Calculate from Radius Point radio button and enter the point number in the corresponding Point field, or click within the field and then click on the radius point from the map. The following buttons are available in the Send Receive Files dialog box: A red X through an icon indicates that there are currently no files of that type associated with the project. It will run in x resolution but you may need to turn some dialogs and tool bars off in order to make room for the features that you actually need.

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This function is not a replacement for the normal File Save Project routine, which should still be performed manually on a regular basis. Repeat these steps for any additional files that you want to send. Each section covers a hardsare topic or task using specific project files.

Enter a name, along with the desired extension, then click [Save]. I have seen many cracked versions of the hardware locked softwares like matlab. Selections can be made from the map by clicking or dragging a window, by using the [Select] button, by loading from a saved selection or by clicking in the Coordinates view window. Cursor loxk used to describe the pointer when it is held over the menu or a dialog box.


Just give me small idea, how to do i will search for the rest of stuff. The [Preview Report] button displays a report so you can preview exactly how the selected points will be renamed. Alignments can contain vertical curves and complex horizontal curves whereas polylines can only contain straight lines and simple horizontal curves.

If Always rename points is selected, all points will be renamed as they are merged according to how the remaining fields are configured.

At this time the final Report can be generated by pressing the [Report] button. The Preview Report button allows you to see gardware points, lines, and alignments that will be merged and the results of the point renaming operations, if any.

Scientific Calculator Opens the Scientific Calculator where various calculations can be forezight.


If you are connected using Kermit Manual Mode, you will be prompted to initiate the Receive command on the data collect prior to sending the first file. If you click [Close] prior to clicking [Apply], the changes will not be saved.

Sending to a Nikon total station is described on Page We turned in the old parallel locks for the USB locks which work fine. Copy, Move, Edit, Rotate and Delete. The usage of the snap modes is discussed in the Snap section. Click [Send Job] to start the transfer.

Moves up one level to the parent directory folder. The Pedestal menu item contains two sub-menu items called Phone and Cable, which would describe the type of utility pedestal. If an attempt is made to enter a larger value for this attribute during data collection, an error will result.


Additional options for defining a curve are available when using the Edit Curve routine, described later. I have the programs on CD, when I get home ill attempt to rip them and send you a link.

The inner box can be made larger sxm smaller and it can be moved using the mouse. Point Lists Any report files created while the current project is open are linked to the current project and listed here. Anyone have any advice or ideas? Instead of searching Trimble for the solution, check out the new software for the hardware lock.


New Layer A new layer can be created using the following steps. How do i eliminate this? The 0 Layer All projects will have a Layer 0.

Click the [Apply Curve] button followed by the [Apply] button. Each consecutive point that is renamed will be given the next available point number. We’ve established a quality community of surveying friends, mentors and enthusiasts, where we can all hang out, chat and have some fun sharing our experiences and helping each other. For example the object could be a point for computing an inverse or a set for computing an area.