The most appealing aspect of the V is the ability to drive four displays from a single card, with little to no slowdown when running multiple 3D apps across the four monitors. AMD FirePro S is AMD’s second generation multifunctional server card and one of the industry’s only single-slot solution aimed at high density VDI deployments, high performance compute and high performance workstation applications. With a slightly more advanced derivative of the Redwood GPU found on the V, the computing power of the V is very similar to that of the V, sporting the same Stream processors of the V However, in this test, the V takes the number four spot in both benchmarks and the V comes in at number five. We’ve made it easier to filter products sold locally and those that are imported. Local sellers Importers 7 Show All.

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V The V is a step up from the V, but is still considered an entry-level card. Product availability information provided on our website is accurate up to one day and in most cases is sufficient to determine actual product availability. When I polled other users, the general consensus was that while these applications will work on consumer graphics accelerators, performance with those non-professional cards is sub-par, and viewport glitches and anomalies are quite common: Face detection Data courtesy CompuBench.

FirePro 3D V4800

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While it will undoubtedly be less powerful than the V and V, just how much so is uncertain grsphics any real OpenCL or DirectCompute benchmarks. Free volumetric system generates good-looking animatable clouds in real time inside Unreal Engine.

ATI FirePro V Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

The V comes in third. Monday, December 6th, Article by Jason Lewis. Checkout is simple at any store that accepts Affirm.

So far, I have only put Softimage through its paces with untextured scenes only smooth-shaded polygons: He is a lifelong computer geek and loves everything related to computers, software, and new technology. Subscription auto-renews at the end of the term Learn more.

Ocean surface simulation Data courtesy CompuBench. For example, in the current crop of GPU-accelerated raytracers, the entire 3D scene must fit within the memory of the graphics card in order for the card to be used to help with the rendering process. AMD is apparently interested in supporting open-source, professional graphics. However, I imagine that when we start to see some production-ready OpenCL and DirectCompute apps, the performance differences between the V and V will become more apparent: Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 21 more.

Video composition Data courtesy Firspro. The biggest difference is that the V can drive four monitors, while the V can only run three. Face Detection, Ocean Surface Simulation and 3 more. Please note that we do not reserve ordered quantity until payment is fully processed for an order, therefore we cannot guarantee final allocation of ordered quantity if there is a delay in payment processing, due to high risk that the product may become fireprk at that time.


HPAutodesk, Evermotion.

ATI FirePro V4800 – graphics card – FirePRO V4800 – 1 GB – Smart Buy

Scroll Back to Top menu. The V, V and V all ship with just one adapter, and the V does not ship with any.

This gives the V a tremendous advantage in memory bandwidth over the V The answer is simple: No hidden fees Know upfront exactly what you’ll owe, with no hidden costs and no surprises. The availability information is present on the product pages in form of the following inventory statuses:. The results seen here for the Maya benchmarks are similar to those seen with the 3ds Max tests: We’ve made it easier to filter products sold locally and those that are imported.

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As you can see from the scores above, the V takes the crown here, followed closely by the V