These unsustainable policies will continue urban sprawl, increase traffic e. Simon’s vision for Reston is firmly focused on increasing density. A number of people will be attending the Fairfax County Budget Hearing on April 7 at the Fairfax County Government Center in hopes of persuading the board to vote against these cuts. Posted by Restonian at 1: A before and after shot of one of the South Reston “reaches. Garguilo, the wetsuit-clad Reston man on trial for the slaying of a taxicab driver in Tysons Corner, was convicted of second-degree murder today. You know, like every other post on this site, except more so.

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Otherwise, pretty much anything is fair game.

Restonian: News blog from Reston, Virginia, the mauve-colored New Town ™: March

The notoriously violent MS gang is starting to shed members in the Garigulo region because gang members fear prosecution and stiff prison terms, federal prosecutors said in recently filed court documents.

Lots of earth tones. Investigators interviewed several Washington Capitals players Tuesday after a chiropractor with ties to the Capitals and Washington Nationals was arrested at his home in Reston and charged with obtaining steroids and other illegal performance-enhancing drugs from an alleged steroids dealer in Lakeland, Fla.

A sure sign that winter’s finally over and we won’t be surprised by another three feet of snow? Reston resident Meghan Ridgley won her first gaegiulo marathonbut said the wind was a factor in keeping her from a goal.

Court records show that Robertson pleaded guilty in to shooting at an occupied vehicle. What he or she said.


Dr. Stanton Samenow by Mary McGuire on Prezi

As a fun side note, do NOT do a Google image search for “bare feet” unless you want to be scarred for life, the end. I intended on continuing to walk behind him, but I noticed that he slowed his pace and kept looking back I felt it was really odd and did feel frightened when I started to think about it on my way home.

The defendant and his two fellow gang members approached the two rivals and a third, unaffiliated bystander, at which point Dennis Bernardez began to shoot at the two rival gang members and finally at the gzrgiulo individual.

Smyers’ “electronic message” is below: A preliminary hearing is then held in district court to determine if there is probable cause to believe the accused has committed the crime charged. The Talk of the Town Reston: The Washington Post reported that Mr.

Read this breathless account: Apparently cats won’t respond well to negative reinforcement such as “NO! Lawyers informed Judge Bruce D.

A potential problem is the lack of witnesses. I didn’t see his hands to see if he had latex gloves on.

No Bail in Taxi Driver’s Death

Thus, it would seemingly be impossible for Mr. On the other end of the price spectrum is this charmer on Northgate Square near Lake Anne.

He received a five-year suspended sentence. The Virginia Courts webpage, explains under Procedure what a preliminary hearing is.

As a result of this e-mail being circulated to our schools, HOAs, other jurisdictions, etc. Listen to Lloyd Aguero, a local “Applied Canine Problem Behavior Consultant,” talk about “children and puppies, or just adults and puppies, or just puppies and puppies.


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Friday, March 19, High-Low: We’re always happy when the toniest house on the market in Reston isn’t a penthouse aerie or a particleboard McMansion that only has a Zip code in common with our beloved earth-toned community.

Apparently some Reston residents aren’t taking the proposed elimination of most Fairfax Connector bus routes serving Reston sitting down.

While I am hesitant to validate to this fallacious allegation by acknowledging it—especially as a sitting Board member—I feel that this raises a bigger issue about which I am quite passionate. And also the roving packs of feral dog-beasts prepared to pounce on safety blaze-wearing victims without warning.

Several confidential operatives, including your Restonian himself, have spotted these shockingly Banksy-esque signs stapled to signposts around Reston in recent days. As previously expectedthe RA also urged work to extend Soapstone across the Toll Road to alleviate traffic concerns, workforce housing, an off-ramp from the Toll Road into the aforementioned parking garage, and coordination with other developers. Anyhoo, this video home movie, dating back to sometime in the s or s, purports to show a “Mr.

He identified the “excessive” 6,space parking garage, the shadow-inducing height of the buildings on the south side of the plaza, and the presence of traffic within the plaza as the “worst problems” of the Comstock proposal, and offered suggestions to address them.