This all-in-one center was extremly easy to use. Can’t use scannor copier or anything. The last time I replaced the color ink, again with Epson ink, shortly after, I lost blue. I’m about to call this all in one printer a piece of junk. It operates in a normal manner in every other respect, including scanning to email or file, but when trying to print ink from ANY source it won’t produce. Does this unit need trashed when the tube is full? Thanx a lot Paul.

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I hit okay and then it takes me thru the all the diffrent checks for the printer to go thru. This will work until, alas, I need to make an ink refill – then what?

epson cx6600 needs reseting

This printer was not new and the printheads are clogged. I’ve followed precisely the stept of Paul first reply and it works till the point where I see the message “Init.

Buyers will not be epon to reclaim VAT on orders placed via our Website. Is there a class action law suit begun and if so what is the link? It worked for me and though I got a message saying there was a problem connecting with the scanner, I tried it anyway and it worked.


I ca n however say that my last two Epson Stylus printers were a VERY big disappointment as each one lasted less than a year. The scanner was very clear. After having a good chuckle he said he’d send it back to Best Buy for pickup and that is where it sits today. A black rubber band fell out inside of my printer, the black and white copy’s work but the color copy’s dont workit prints in lines but not a epsin picture, how do I put it back?

And look in the gutter under the sponge. The delivery time on K-Bins is quoted as working days. On the right you’ll see a small rectangle ink tray.

Thanks for the resetting info!

Great site, after trying to fix the printer cx which didn’t work I found your site. Hi, In a word the answer is “yes”.

I told him he and Epson should be ashamed and that I’ll never buy another Epson product ever again. So far it is okay. This item broke 2 months out of warranty Privacy Policy Terms of Use. I searched the web more, and now realize if the alert message is the only problem with your machine, you only need to reset your machine following the process which PAUL wrote first reply on this thread. If my new Canon takes a nose dive I’ll report it here.


Epson CX6600 Driver

Last night I scanned a doc, had been making copies before that, and following scan, no ink on paper. The head seems to be printing but nothing comes out on paper.

Did you find out if yours was fixable and what it was? The printer estimates how much ink is supposed to be in it by the number of cleaning cycles and gives you the message.

Reviews: Epson-Stylus-CXAll-In-One-Inkjet-Printer | eBay

Epson has left me with a bad impression. I just broke down and bought a Canon Pixma MP Is anyone able to give direction concerning printer that will not print This is an on going problem for me as well.

It really does everything we ask of it. My priciple motivation for buying my first Canon is quality and engineering integrity. But now i cant turn it on again This was my first all in one. Hi, My cx has been shooting blanks.