If you have any questions, just write ‘Money FAQ’ as the title and ask me your question. Befriend him like every other event Animals I won’t go very detailed into animals because there is already a whole FAQ on it. All this takes patience, so just be calm and hope when you enter their house that you get the scene! Patience is the key! The eggs the chickens produce can be profitable sometimes, especially if you just started with a male and female and grew the rest.

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Crops Now we go on to 3. Note you also have to have enough room in your chicken coop. I suggest you save everything else and just give her some flowers ecin.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life – Money FAQ

Ruby Spice Secret Thanks to: I’m glad that I am getting a lot of emails, but remember that I cannot always answer all of them. Don’t have crops, well money will let you buy some more. You will get the Hors de voure option will which allow you to cook Sashimi, and the ingredient is ONE fish.

You might think that’s boring, but that’s when the game will suck you in. If you give him these items starting from the beginning of the game you will get the seed maker around Summer maybe.


But the real profit is by the seed maker. Multiply that times all the fruit, and even the different trees, and consider yourself the ruler of Forget-Me-Not Valley. Flowers, though I find it unusual. Or you could put them anywhere else you want, just maker sure you put them in this kind ecoj pattern. Animals I won’t go very detailed into animals because there is already a whole FAQ on it.

Sell those S Crops too 1000y get a fair amount of money. After the 40 days are up, have your cow get pregnant again, and repeat the process. To increase value use the fertilizer, but it will be extremely pointless in the beginning, so wait till you get the seed maker, then use fertilizer and get S bags. Carter will take it from you once you leave. The fastest I ever got a sheep to give Golden Wool was thoughout one season!

Patience is the key! FAQ These are the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ I made most of them myself, and put the ones that I see appear frequently in the message boards. But be warned, this is almost like a cheat, I recommend you don’t do this because the game gets VERY easy and you could get almost everything there is to get early in the game, but it’s you choice. It’s not like in the other games where they keep growing until the season ends. I take 100g that you know how to fish, if not, use the handy Fishing FAQ.


You have all the time in the world to get this thing so don’t worry, if you don’t get it first chapter, get it in the next. So keep those questions going!

Introducing Heroic Tavern Brawl! – Hearthstone

No more, no less. Credits I.

I will list here just the people that give you something like a tool that you can sell if you don’t want. That’s how I got dessert, appetizer, and entree.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life – Money FAQ

Might not seem a lot, but when you sell a lot of crops you will easily see the difference. I say no because you will get a lot of money real fast and you will be able to buy all the expensive stuff really early. Cody tough looking guy What he likes: Fish, some dishes like Pickled Turnips Event: The items you find can also be given away, in fact, some really like those items.

The main goal is to keep the farm up and running, and make some cash.