Slightly different format this time. Again, didn’t want to risk damage by messing with it. Did you miss your activation email? I don’t like them as much as I thought I would. On the newer variants with Windows keys, all keys on the bottom row except the space bar are only one unit wide. All of the row 1 keys, including the ESC key and all function keys have a lower profile than usual.

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The feet are solid, but if you push the keyboard back they’re more likely to fold up than to slide. All times are GMT keybord I think that the MX is very nice to type on.

Compaq MX 11800 Ps2 US Clicky Keyboard With Trackball

Pause and Escape are on their own. Navigation Main page Deskthority forum Support Deskthority. This page was last modified on 26 Juneat I don’t actually see any screws. Slightly different format this time. I don’t like them as much as I thought I would. Sounds like a good Christmas present to me.


Compaq MX dissection – Tech Support Forum

Yea Compaw know I would have to make a case as well but that is part of the fun. Also I have to say now that I’ve adjusted to lighter keyboards I really like the Cherry Brown switches. Computer-Lab in Basement on Mon, 23 March I don’t use them, so, woo.

All known keyboards used Cherry MX Brown switches. GH Ergonomic Guide in progress http: I got this one from a kind fellow at GeekHack. Also unlike the TVS that wellington has no plastic plate either.

Compaq MX Keyboard With Trackball | eBay

The keyswitches are PCB-mounted, rather than plate-mounted like Filco keyswitches. All of the row 1 keys, including the ESC key and all function keys have a lower profile than usual. The positives way outweigh the negatives though.

The keyboard in question: Since the has PCB-mounted switches, a swap would be easy. Some consider them to be some of the best laser etched keycaps around; that may be so, but I prefer the higher contrast of dyesubbed keys.

It’s nothing spectacular, and there are several annoying things about it layout gaffes, gray switch under space, the feet. The time now is The Compaq uses a built-in trackball to save cokpaq space that would be eaten up by a mouse and pad, an important consideration in a server environment. Click on a thumbnail to view the full pic.


Compaq MX-11800 keyboard

If you don’t like it or can’t find a use for it, you can easily get that money back. Now you make me want to take apart my Cherry MX I may have to get another one and try it out to see.

These are designed to be used alongside browns as a spacebar switch, and are basically the same thing only with a 60g spring instead of 35g. It also looks like the MX aka G has a snap-together case I couldn’t get a clear picture of one on its own. Similar to the Gthe winkeyless variant uses 1.

First off, this keyboard lacks Windows keys.