Battery is user replaceable. They also believe that the card, which is no bigger than a pinky fingernail, is easily lost and thus belongs in a protected spot. Accessory manufacturers like PocketPCTechs are likely to come out with an adapter that will allow you to use your favorite set of headphones with the and other recent slim HTC devices with that special port. But none of this is enough to justify the price of this pda flip phone. A short splitter cable is included so you can listen to music or chat on the phone via the headset while charging the device. I haven’t bothered with the mp3 player because I have an ipod.

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Battery life doesn’t take much of a hit when using Bluetooth.

HTC Startrek

The pros are ckngular battery backup, good signal reception, nice mp3 capabilities. There are two LEDs on the lid, a blue one to indicate Bluetooth status, and a second tri-color: This model is discontinued and may no longer be available to purchase new. It’s okay when typing in an appointment, but typing out an email or a document would be quite slow.

Likewise it will let you know if you have voicemail.

Cingular Customer Service Have had multple styles of smartphones and pda phones. Compare Windows Mobile Smartphones. Reception has been very good and is quite similar to the Cingular and Nokia N73 with the Nokia having a slight edge Nokia is king of RF.


There’s no secondary front camera. Or apparently anything, in this case. Since the phone is exquisitely thin there’s not much between you and the motherboard.

You’ll have to make do with the included stereo earbud headset with in-line mic and volume controller.

It combines a sense of rugged durability with a great look and feel. With the CingularT-Mobile SDA, and others, there was no simple power button to put the device into sleep mode without turning the entire phone off. I have to say that this is one of the most inconvenient phones I’ve ever had and I can’t wait gpgs get rid of it.

Themes supplied have too much junk. Easy menu navigation – hint: Fortunately, the camera application lets you control the color bias which cngular wonders to improve shots. Battery life is key for any mobile device, and despite the slimness of its design — traditionally a risk factor for poor battery life — the does fairly well.

Cingular (HTC Startrek ) | Device Specs | PhoneDB

I have bad news, good news, and bad news. Like all Windows Mobile 5 smartphones it has speed dial, call history, photo caller ID, and supports call waiting, conference calling and flight mode.

I also missed the protection of a flip cingklar. I wanted one device so I got the We don’t expect a lot from a 1. The Cingular version trades off a slightly thicker battery, and thus gps thickness, for a higher capacity of milliamp-hours.


HTC Startrek – Wikipedia

If you’re hunting for the rare clamshell smartphone, aren’t married to Windows Mobile and want 3G, check out the Nokia N75released by Cingular in May I think the speaker quality needs to be improved much better need more soundthe micro memory card slot need to be given outside, now it is behind the sim card and also removing this card is too scary The phone can take photos at a maximum resolution of x with lower resolutions supported for MMS and caller ID photos.

From any lesser range, it performed great, with no noticeable effects that I could detect given the quality of the headphones. The loudspeaker is also located on the outer flip to the right of the Cingular logo. I had to figure out a lot on my own. It comes with Microsoft’s standard Bluetooth stack and software which is plain but efficient.

The few good things: The internal display is a 2.

See the latest cell phones or compare used prices. If you insert a MicroSD card, the next time you launch the camera application it will ask you if you’d like to save photos to the card.