Does this G70 “lite” still have what it takes to dominate the AGP graphics upgrade market? No Interruptions Day Shortbread. Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. May 25, Single page Print Our testing methods As ever, we did our best to deliver clean benchmark numbers. Sadly, it seems that the cards are also like gold dust, so I may be struggling to upgrade the video support in this wonderful machine after all. The cards None of the GT’s spec changes should hamper its performance too much.

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If you have questions about our methods, hit our forums to talk with us about them. This blue-and-green beauty features a single-slot cooler, an AGP connector, and a four-pin Molex auxiliary power connector that’s friendly to older power supplies.

NVIDIA PureVideo Technology The combination of a high-definition video processing core and software that delivers unprecedented picture clarity, smooth bffg, accurate color, and precise image scaling for video content.

BFG GeForce GT OC Overclocked graphics card – GF GT – MB Overview – CNET

Dell returns to the stock market after six years. Grateful for any thoughts.

Two of the three brands represented in our recent GTX roundup sell “overclocked in the box” cards, and some of the same suspects are tuning up the GT. Of course, because this is a BFG Tech card, the “overclocked” speed carries no real risk with it. As always, price will be one of the biggest factors in how these cards compare, and we’ll be keeping you updated on price trends as we review each card.


Neutronbeam Zak, you know you can’t validate any of the above details without first throwing Steve Jobs and don’t even ask that sort of questions! Even with a stock LE half the memory in comparison with youra slower duoprocessor and main board, your PowerMac shouldn’t have those serious hickups.

May 25, However, I just realised that this card requires additional power by way of a dedicated connection to a tiny plug on the motherboard via a small cable that comes with the card. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Features varies by product.

BFG Tech GeForce 7800GT “Overclocked” – The affordable GTX

LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture. The thing has more and better pixel pipes than a GeForce Ultra, for goshsakes. The tests 700 methods we employ are generally publicly available and reproducible. You may not use content, graphics, or code elements from this page without express written consent from Rage3D.

UltraShadow II Technology Enhances the performance of bleeding-edge ov, featuring complex scenes with multiple light sources and objects. Log in Don’t have an account? Thanks once again for clarifying though, greatly appreciated.

BFG Tech GeForce GT “Overclocked” – The affordable GTX

You can only run upto four cards if those are standard GeForce LE cards. May 25, 2: Next-Generation Superscalar GPU Architecture Delivers up to 2x the shading power of previous generation products taking gaming performance to extreme levels. No Interruptions Day Shortbread. Apr od, 2: Ask a question Reset. But now there’s some good news.


ForceWare ensures the best out-of-box experience for every user and delivers continuous performance and feature updates over the life of your NVIDIA product. No Interruptions Day Shortbread. Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays.

BFG GeForce 7800 GT OC

The thing is starting to die in warhammer 40K and BF2, and my resolution sweet spot is x, which means I gdforce max everything with this card and run fine. As with the GTX, we will be doing a series of articles focusing on individual aspects of each of the different vendor cards that we can get a hold of, and comparing them to each other as time goes on.

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