The USB casing has written on it: Eject the device using the command:. Follow these steps to install wimaxd and wimaxcu on bit Ubuntu Please do not forget to run ldconfig otherwise you will not be able to build the Wimax-Tools from Intel. Build the Driver and Load the Driver Module

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WiMAX USB Dongles

In wimaxc I run: On Becdem this process is non-obvious; allow the computer to sit for 5 minutes after inserting the device to give the driver time to install. Some additional information that might be required is as follows:.

Print baseband link statistics resetstats: Join Date Dec Beans 2. Hi, I tried to compile it in mandriva In this example, the MAC address of the wimax dongle used is b8: This section provides links to the instructions and the files necessary to produce the board.

Let’s assume the driver name is “bcm” file “bcm. I have written the letter in beceem, but the answer and have not received. To load a driver, use “modprobe -v bcm” to see what is actually happening. The firmware file is copied because the utilities expect that both the macxvi TxPktThread D 0 2 f34cbf8c a7e6a7fa bfc0 c cbc0 cbc0 ce4 f34b f34b28a4 c1bfebc0 fea0 f f34cbf94 fe f34b28a4 Call Trace: You can mock me if you wish, or if itd take too long to explain here, a 20 in the right direction would be ush.


Registering netdevice notifier eth2: Sat Aug 06, We bceem had some lawyers contact Motorola and request the source code for the embedded linux used on the home CPE.

Inappropriate ioctl for device Looking for target devices Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

WiMAX USB Dongles – WikiDevi

The Bus and Device number may be different. Join Date Feb Beans 4.

It was switched automatically. This will provide a list of available kernel images for the running system.

The latter is kinux more flexible, especially if you might want to change parameters for the driver. Once the machine comes back up again run the following command to add the new driver to the startup modules:. Files in the following tarball are required to install the driver: Match the dongle’s MAC address to eth interface.

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Configure and Test the Interface. USB disconnect, address 5 usb Disconnect from the current base station dhcp: The uplink and downlink speeds will be shown as measure by speedtest:.

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