Using lspci -vnn I figured out that the chip is: Gives wrong frequencies when channelscanning in for example xawtv4 and mythtv for at least one user. I have tried the downloads from www. Kaffeine detected the card and scanned for channels, however testing was done in Canada where no DVB-T signal exist. Revision 2 of this card has just been released image. How to check if my usb tvtuner is working I am trying to get my USB TV tuner to show the picture from my building’s security camera. The non-PLUS version is completely different.

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There is an alg newer revision under the same name, see below. Tested on Ubuntu I’m on Xubuntu I would like ablg watch television with my TV-Tuner. I wonder if I could make it work, tried several softwares, but no luck at all. I need some help in fixing up the TV tuner in my Dell Mini I previously did have Kaffeine working nicely using this setup: For more information about requirements and features see the manual or the community forum.


Saroj Dhara 13 6. TV program like DSCaler? Boris 3, 7 33 saetllite Additionally it allows the ‘one click programming’ of the record scheduler.

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Also shop in Also shop in. M Xander 16 4. VHF is not supported with this card! Actual photos, eatellite you see is exactly what you get for one of the 4 tv turner card, nothing else, working pull.

Junkbot 2 Spec Link to OEM. Seems to be similar to A but A includes S-Video connector.

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Hybrid TV Tuner Refine results. Reception of hundreds of television and radio stations from all over Europe. Comfortable teletext with page memory for easy navigation without delays by clicking the displayed page numbers. Had a “Linux compatible” label on the product site, but with license issuesand needs to be patched for kernel satelliite.

I have a HTPC running This is a used and fully func Driver needed for newer kernels! Worked out of the box with recent kernel 2. Item is in NEW Condition. The built-in antenna also improves portability of a TV tuner stick. I usually watch analogue broadcast through cable-TV and The changes do not yet seem to be merged with the Linux kernel 2.


Often times, even if they wished to help, their energies are entirely tied up with other projects. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. If you have the problem in Windows system,we are willing to help you solve it. I have tried various topics in various forums and I could not install it.

MC Marcel 16 1 5.