Modified standard hal files was taken from trunk r I verified the problem with the state machine, your change was correct I modified it a little bit in order to avoid an extra condition. I’m not on the right machine right now, it’s at office. One thing I’ve done is move to the 1. Open a web browser on the connected computer.

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Can somebody please help me? I’m afraid that that’s true too. If at991sam7 is the case, simple stop the server click the red square above the error output on the consolethen start it again using the “Run External Tools” menu item again.

Note at91xam7 the LED DS4 is also under control of the ‘check’ tick hook so will toggle every 5 seconds – overwriting any commands sent from the web server. If you can build and run it on your target successfully then the mods to use the USB for your app will follow without requiring that you know much about USB.

Do you have an INF I think that’s right for it also?

Entering the IP address into the web browser obviously use the correct IP address for your system. I’ve read about this and was hoping I could get some sample code from you.

ChibiOS Free Embedded RTOS

Thread aware file system. If you then wish to commence a debugging session: Even with the bugs the demo worked. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.


The served RTOS stats page The RTOS stats page provides run time information on the state of each task within the system – including the stack high water mark the minimum amount of stack there has been available at any time since the task started executing.

If I remember well, there was some problem with that. I found a few bugs and would be happy to report them if there is no more recent source. I started with the Atmel demo code that is included with my IAR workbench. Ensure an Ethernet cable is connected as described above. Board index All times are UTC.

AT91SAM7 USB Driver – ChibiOS Free Embedded RTOS

I’m not on the right machine right now, it’s at office. If I find it I’ll send you if you want for testing. In my opinion the documentation is realy good.

Now I aat91sam7 in the process of integrating the CDC driver and implementation in my code. See the Source Code Organization section for a description of the downloaded files and information on creating a new project.

I suggest trying the demo without modification first. Delivered online or on-site. DS4 toggling every 5 seconds indicates that all the standard demo tasks are executing without error.


Free RTOS USB and web server demo for AT91SAM7X using Eclipse and GCC

It’s so close to working that it’s frustrating to not be able to get it the last few feet or meters over the goal line: I was not familiar with what CDC serial driver meant so I never checked that source. It would obviously take me forever to do the same thing ay91sam7 my own Introduction to Microcontrollers Mike Silva. Fail Safe File System: Thread aware file system Hint: Still, I think that everyone would like to see the CDC example code from Atmel work correctly, and I’ve read enough other posts on other groups to begin to suspect a silicon problem.

I think it works in STM32, because endpoint 0 size is 64 bytes, so that path of code is never executed, but I didn’t checked it carefully and I could be wrong. I think there’s still a race condition in the ping-pong ub update code. The target hardware will serve the web pages described below to a standard web browser.

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