The result are two stereo speakers that are hidden on the bottom of the case. The Lithium-Ion battery is attached with screws. Included Software and Accessories. The color space comparison doesn’t make the M11x R3 look much better either, the sRGB color space is far from being covered, and the colors are generally somewhat pale and weak. Both of the speakers are hidden on the bottom. On the M11x the SU processor is overclockable to 1. Granted, the new Core i7 configuration doesn’t offer that much more performance than the old M11x with overclocked Intel Pentium Dual Core SU, but the better processor and Nvidia Optimus provide two more reasons to buy the Alienware M11x R2 if you didn’t already buy the original M11x.

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Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Buyers will not ,11x any influence on the choice of graphics card, with the exception of the amount of video memory – Nvidia’s GeForce GT M is a DirectX 11 capable mid-range model. A fine honeycomb pattern covers the touchpad.

Alienware M11x R2 – External Reviews

The stable surfaces are slightly rubbery. Those alienwware are looking for precisely this mixture could be content with the M11x R3. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in This laptop just feels right, for surfing the web, gaming, typing, and anything else you can imagine yourself using your laptop for. Frequent typists and fast writers won’t necessarily ever become completely happy since frequent office tasks call for a keyboard with bigger or free standing keys chiclet design.


A big advantage of the 32 nm manufactured CPU is also the low power consumption of 17 Watts maximumwhich is only half as much as the ‘normal’ dual-core Core i3 and i5 series.

The old M11x is significantly worse in a direct comparison, with the battery life only lasting half as long in an idle state. The M11x also has “hybrid graphics,” meaning that with the press of a Function key the laptop will m11xx between its GT M GPU and less powerful but more battery-friendly integrated graphics, letting the M11x either be battery-conservative or a gaming workhorse.

The shape of the M11x is relatively boxy. The system noise is also a weak point on the subnotebook, since the cooling fan is definitely a little too loud under load.

The memory interface is a bit disappointingly narrow though, since bits often reach the limits with modern games. The delivery package of m11c tested device wasn’t the final version.

Alienware M11x R2

Also the current Cinebench R Even under a high load the M11x R3 can still provide reasonable mobility; with minutes of the Classic Test from Battery Eater, with the brightness set zlienware maximum and the power saving options deactivated. While most gamers will likely be more keen on a bigger device, users that are primarily interested in mobility will much prefer a matte display surface.

In reality the color is a bit darker. With regard to the pre-installed software Alienware – at least as far as its pre-series device is concerned – is relatively restrained.


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Alienware M11x second revision Source: Though we don’t often use DisplayPort, it can’t hurt to have it. In order alienwxre provide users with as much performance as possible without compromising the battery life too excessively, Alienware has applied the Optimus technology from Nvidia. The Bottom Line With its fusion of a low-voltage processor and high-end graphics, the Hardwareheaven Thinking back to our experience with the original M11x it is fair to say that alienward were completely blown away by that model.

Alienware MX11 packs a punch in We have not been able to test the final BIOS.

It upgrades some of the most important areas relative to the original, and with Optimus in place of switchable graphics we no longer have to worry about a lack of driver updates. The power input is at the back.

Review Alienware M11x R3 Gaming Notebook

Let’s take a closer look at the display. The neat and well put together case with its high quality materials, and the comprehensive illumination options.

If you’re after a small gaming laptop, there simply m111x any other compelling options right now. Touchpad The 80 x 43 mm large touchpad could be a little higher vertically proved itself to be relatively precise and reliable in the test.

This edgy ultraportable backs up its look with top-shelf parts.