Registering Names to a Group Select the group that you want to delete from. Saving time is even better. Vb B wd wd Gwd Gwd Enter the password, and then press [OK]. Default settings are shown in bold type. Enter the new name, and then press [OK].

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Register user information including their names. The default setting is On, 60 second s.

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Registering Names to a Group Select the group that you want to delete from. Network This section describes the user tools in the Network menu under Interface Set- tings. You can check items related to the network environment.

Registering Folders Aficcio Folders Registering Folders This section describes the procedure for registering, changing, and deleting folders.

This may result in the need to make adjustments to the copier once the copier arrives at destination. With the SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin, you can register multiple names at the same time.

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A counter list prints out. Page 46 System Settings To set the Fine Ratio setting, measure the length of the original and the copy image to calculate the ratio. Registering information such as the names of users and their e-mail addresses in the Address Book allows you to manage them easily. If you aficil [Search], you can search by the registered name, user code, folder name, or e-mail address.



The group key that q3600 have selected becomes highlighted, and the name is added to it. Ethernet This section lists the settings required for delivering data to network with an Ethernet connection. Enter the login user name, and then press [OK]. Page Copyrights 3. The configuration page shows the current network settings and network information. Authentication Information Registering Addresses and Users for Scanner Functions Authentication Information This section describes the procedure for authenticating a user code.

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Registering Addresses and Users for Scanner Functions This chapter describes how to register destinations and users in the Address Book. You can enter an attribute as a typical search keyword.

Make sure the machine is ready to copy. Depending on pa- per type, environment, and humidity, copy paper can expand or shrink slightly. Tray 2 Select the size of the paper loaded in the paper tray.

MD4 Message-Digest Algorithm” in all material mentioning or referencing this software or this function. Be sure to contact your service engineer to verify the following: Connecting the Machine Connecting to the Interfaces Connecting the Machine This chapter describes how to connect the machine to the network and specify the network settings. Select the adicio that you want to put into another group. Saving space is great.


Administrator Tools are used by the administrator. Be sure to read these notes.

You can register names to a group to enable easy management of e-mail addresses and folders for each group. Copyrights Samba Ver 3.

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