JL vwyodapink wrote on This on amd64 platform: Funny thing is my USB adapter is a realtek as well just different chip version and it rocks no issues at all. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. A kernel driver that does not work on the device creates more problems than not having the driver. When I install the driver in Ubuntu 9.

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Does anybody have a working connection with SE and new Sweevo mark-mark-stevenson wrote on I am merely suggesting that those who are able to “see” their network, but are still unable to connect should at least “try” what I suggested. BTW, I’m running Karmic with the 2.

Just for the note.

CONFIG_RTL8192SE: Realtek RTL8192SE/RTL8191SE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter

I’ve done all the updates and have had to connect to a wired network to do so. I wil ltry this out some more. My machine randomly locks up. Just to add a little more information lijux this, I’ve tried the following without any success:.


No wonder the build fails. When I install the driver in Ubuntu 9. I’d be really grateful if you could provide me with an idiots guide to what you’ve done to get yours working please.

This bug report is a duplicate of: Download full text 8.

Sign up using Email and Password. I have the same problem on a Toshiba x Using On a separate note, whether you choose to install or bit Ubuntu has no effect on this.

rtlx – Debian Wiki

That’s all I can say. Nuno nuno-miguel-vitorino wrote on Just to add a little more information to this, I’ve tried the following without any success: Howard Chu hyc wrote on Actually, one wireless network at the university, my machine always goes into a kernel panic as soon as the wireless connects. linhx

Mancy mancy wrote on Well, Kali repository I guess. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

Hi David, seems it was a fault of mine, I was trying to connect in a place of my University where I was sure there should have been Wi-Fi access, and instead there was no AP at all! STaRMaN jarizaro wrote on Don’t worry about making me sound stupid, I’m glad I asked you for and idiots guide!


Sweevo mark-mark-stevenson on RF Change in progress! Karmic 64 bits, latest update.

I was able to implement this on a bit Ubuntu 9. Look for people working on this device perhaps start with the names cited in 8192ee vanilla driver or perhaps its in-kernel documentation. I’ll give it a thorough work out to make sure nothing freezes up.

So no joy with ndiswrapper: View all comments or add a comment.